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The following digital signage products have been polished by us for as long as 9 years so you can almost see the shine.  We believe that good products will make our life easier and eventually make the world better. 

Media Player

BV-88 digital signage media box is an industrial-grade media player, bundled with embedded and dedicated digital signage software. It can be connected to your existing TV screen or monitor with HDMI cable to act as a dynamic digital signage advertising board. DSM80, as a professional and reliable content management software for digital signage applications.

Bus Display

Betvis bus digital signage solution is a complete solution, including bus monitor with built in wide voltage, ceiling mount bracket or snap ring for installation, HDMI cable with retention screw, and remote content management software, no need external devices.

Stretched Display

BETVIS provide Ultra-wide screen Digital Signage LCD Display, which is also known as BAR / bar type / bar top displays. The ultra-wide aspect ratio is perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention, and the high brightness display gives perfect visual performance in a wide variety of applications.

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