Wall Mount Display

BETVIS iPad-Style digital signage is tailored for in-store marketing and communication in retail stores. Powered by DSM80 software, it features reliable network update and 1080p FHD display, making itself adaptable for any digital signage project large or small, complex or simple.

Ultra-thin Restaurant-use Network Digital Signage Menu Boards

Betivs published a 49inch super-thin popular digital signage lcd display with growing popularity in restaurants and quick-food store chain. With its 0.8mm panel bezel and 1.6mm BtB ( bezel to bezel), it‘s really a feast of eyes for nearly seamless image and video display.

Betvis New-published Borderless Digital Signage Menu Board is powered by digital signage maangement software DSM80, via which you can remotely operate screen control and advertisement content management in the head office. It’s cloud-based and cloud-based feature make it available anywhere in the world for logining and operating. Time schedule based on timely, daily, weekly, and monthly facilitate its display time arrangement. Versatile content fpr split screen is supported such as Httml 5, RSS feeds, IP streaming Video, image and video…making you easily design what you want by plug-and-drop.

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