Digital Signage Display

This wall mounted digital signage display is elegant, adaptable and flexible.

22 Inch Digital Signage
Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with 22 inch lcd digital signage screen

8 Inch Face Recognition
IR Camera Temperature

Non contact body temperature detection, face recognition, voice alarm, access control

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Digital Shelf Edge LCD Display

These smart LCD shelving strips may revolutionalize retail forever. Try it on your shelf now and see how it increases your sales.

Ultrawide Monitor Stretched Bar LCD Screen Shelf Edge Strip Display - Betvis Digital Signage
Ultra Wide Monitor Stretched Display Bar LCD Screen - Betvis Digital Signage

Bar LCD Stretched Display

Don’t let 16:9 or 16:10 limit your creativity. It’s time to show more possibilities for your business.

AI Face Recognition Temperature Kiosk

While performing face recognition, the built-in infrared detection module will measure the body temperature.

8 Inch AI Face Recognition Infrared Thermal Camera Body Temperature Sensor Detection Scanner Thermometer Voice Alarm Access Control Time Attendance Device - Betvis Digital Signage
22 Inch Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Gel Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser - Betvis Digital Signage

Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Whether you are in a company, airport, hospital, restaurant, bar, or gym, this digital signage hand sanitizer kiosk can help you wash your hands more effectively. 

digital signage solution player

Media Player

Classics never go out of style.This media player box allows you to have a premium digital signage at a fraction of the cost.

Bus LCD Monitor

Bus lcd monitor has much more than bus tv and is guaranteed to get more attention, way to get your money back.

Portable LCD Poster

Get tired of handwriting menu on led writing board? Try this portable lcd poster and see how it make your life easier. 

For Better Visual Of Digital Signage

The Story Of BETVIS

With enthusiasm for digital signage solutions, we have been working in this industry for over 10 years. Digital signage solutions have changed dramatically over the past 10 years, from a simple media player to a smart terminal that now offers a variety of interactions and data. We are very happy to see this change, because the rapid changes make our business full of constant challenges, innovation and fun.

Even three years ago, we were often considered part of the world’s factories, focusing on producing cheap electronics for the rest of the world. But we have never been satisfied with the fixed impression of the outside world, but always pursue smarter products and future-oriented solutions. Our digital signage player has been upgraded frequently in recent years and has achieved industry leading potential… More