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Stretch your business landscape right now with our new stretched display

It is not only a product, it is also a promise


Not all digital signage products are born equal. Some of them are produced through careful development, design, manufacturing, testing and packaging, thus ensuring a good user experience.

Some of our products have been used and optimized for more than 10 years and are impeccable in terms of functionality, design and stability. Now, we are working hard to provide you and your team with more challenging and creative digital signage products.

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About Us

With enthusiasm for digital signage, we have been working in this industry for over 10 years. Digital signage has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, from a simple media player to a smart terminal that now offers a variety of interactions and data. We are very happy to see this change, because the rapid changes make our business full of constant challenges, innovation and fun.Thanks to our customers, partners, suppliers and friends, we are able to complete these seemingly incredible results.


We don’t offer solutions for all, we offer solutions for you.


It is not always easy to have a good digital signage solution. You always need the right strategy, plan, tools and people to achieve a satisfactory result. 

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