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Betvis Digital Shelf Tags Enter Chemist Warehouse Pharmacy in Australia

Chemist Warehouse (Referred to as CW). It is Australia’s leading pharmacy, covers not only medicine, but also various daily necessities. There are more than 300 chain stores nationwide, mainly including nutrition and health products, skin care products, make-up, perfume, baby food, baby products, medicines, etc. On average, the price of CW is more affordable than other pharmacies, mainly because they give discount frequently, and major brand health products often offer half-price promotion.

How to publish the latest promotion and update the price becomes a challenge for them, the traditional poster is un-recyclable and need print in advance, nevertheless the high price in the long run. Here comes our digital shelf tags, especially cut for CW 1m shelf, and adopt a new designing concept. There are 3 highlights on our design:

  1. To make the screen as slim as possible, we adopt a split design, which separate the panel and from the electronic components, like AD board, power board, and back-lite etc. All the components are put inside the box back the panel.
  2. To simplify the installation, we also integrate the screen with easy mounting kits, what you need just to drill on the shelf plate, and fix the screen underneath the shelf plate with screw, which is convenient and saves labor costs to the most.
  3. The panel is fixed to the mounting bracket with rotary screw, which can be adjusted and make the panel face up. So viewers can see the downmost screen without squatting down.

The in-store ultra wide shelf display is a crucial and influential leverage because it is deliver a message when the customer is ready to make a purchasing decision.

“A Nielsen survey conducted on a 1000 shoppers sample shown that 68% of respondents said in-store advertising would sway their purchasing decisions and 77% said it was a useful way to learn about products. Another report by Arbitron Research found that of those shoppers who have seen POP display, almost 30% made an unplanned buy. These data are indicative and may vary depending on the type of store and from one store to another. “

Point of purchase displays contribute to impulsive buying and boost high-margin products, while showcasing and promoting products and values in a smart way.