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15,000+ new screens for Bus Online across major cities in China

15,000+ screens for Bus Online across major cities in China

As the largest bus mobile CCTV provider in China, Bus Online is in the leading position on bus mobile network and bus Wi-Fi solution. Founded in 2003 at the city of Nanchang, Bus Online now has 22 subsidiaries across major cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai.Ever since the cooperation with Bus Online, Betvis has built a stable partnership with Bus Online from all aspects. More than 10,000 screens for bus have been provided to Bus Online by Betvis since 2010, most of which are for bus applications.


Unlike static environment like shopping mall or retail store, installation condition is much more complicated in running buses. For on one hand, all the hardware have special requirements for shake-proof and against electromagnetic interferences, on the another hand, system design and software structure need to be specialized for specific project demands, which are very different in different cities. Generally speaking, there is no such a universal solution which can be one fit for all. Thanks to Betvis’s outstanding research and development ability, by far all the solutions offered to Bus Online have turned out to be successful.


Shake-proof metal housing

Although the highways in China have experienced a significant improvement on hardness and smoothness, still, buses can’t avoid all the strong vibrations and shocks during driving. Ordinary screen housing surely can’t stand such strong shocks, for they will become looser and looser, opening the internal components to various damages. What Betvis made was highly robust anti-shock metal housing for bus screens. 80% of the vibration will be absorbed by the housing, protecting the screens from potential damage.

Solid installation circular brackets

Another critical issue for stability is to secure the installation. For after long time vibration, single thin installation brackets certainly will get loose, therefore threaten the whole screen. What Betvis produced is a pair of robust solid circular brackets for each screen, really guaranteeing it will be always firmly fixed to the bus pillar.

3G/4G/5G & WiFi module

Obviously, traditional Ethernet is not available on a running bus, wireless is the only option. However, how to get maximum signal stability and transfer speed is not a simple problem. Betvis always applied powerful 3G/4G/5G & WiFi module for its bus screens, ensuring every single screen is getting the best signal possible. Basically all common types and frequencies of wireless network can be supported, giving the system the best flexibility to all demands.

Aviation connector

Not only is the signal transmission that need to be cared, device connection method is also decisive when it comes to the stability of the system, both on power supply and signal transfer. Normal jack-plug may easily become loose and lose the connection after just several bumps. To offer the best connection, Betvis creatively used aviation connector for all the power and signal connection, working with high-quality UTP wires. Not just ensuring the connection but also at the meantime getting a very good effect for anti-electromagnetic interference.

Apart from the above features, Betvis has also provided screens for bus with surveillance cameras for passenger counting application and custom made content management software for specific project.