20160912-Bus Digital Signage Solution

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Bus Digital Signage Solution

Betvis Bus Digital Signage Solution is based on Bus LCD Display and DSM80 Software.
It provides a reliable system for media operator to deliver advertising content to bus passengers, while at the same time allowing bus passengers to get public informations like news and traffic information

System Architecture

Main System Composition

Unique Built-in Advantages

Bus Power Regulator

Wide Range Voltage (10V – 110 VDC) Power Regulator can provide stable electric power for our bus digital signage display on any type of bus.

Power On/Off Delay

Power-on Delay protects the LCD player from power surge when bus engine starts.
Power-off Delay protects the LCD player when bus gets short-time flameout.

Robust Mounting Bracket

Our robust mounting bracket provides secure installation to avoid any kind of waggle.

Shake-proof Metal Housing

The metal housing is specially designed to avoid any kind of shock and waggle.

Aviation Plug Connection

Aviation plug connection is used to avoid any kind of loose joint and jamming signal.

Built-in Wi-Fi & 3G/4G Module

Flexible wireless connection is provided by using built-in 3G/4G & Wi-Fi module.

Actual Effect of Installation