20160923-Bus Station Digital Signage Board

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Bus Station Digital Signage Board

Betvis Bus Station Digital Signage Solution is designed for delivering media information and bus traffic information to bus station passengers in a convenient and efficient way. Based on an advanced digital signage system, all kinds of intelligent functions can be added to the bus stop board, including passenger counting, bus station CCTV, voice announcements, etc.

System Architecture

Stop Board

Main Features

Bus Information Display

Bus traffic information can be shown on LCD as map, route list, scrolling text, etc.

Digital Signage

Unique bus station digital signage system with professional software


Bus Station CCTV

Bus station CCTV provides real time bus station monitoring

Voice Announcements

Automatic voice announcements for people with visual impairment

Passenger Counting

High accuracy passenger counting for better advertising strategy

Various Styles

Multiple bus stop board styles for different applications

DSM80 Digital Signage Software

Actual Effect of Application