20170213-Betvis Supermarket Digital Signage

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Betvis Supermarket Digital Signage

With a little help of Betvis Digital Signage, supermarkets can become super smart and better places to visit. Now there are many more solutions out there than we ever had.

Stretched LCD

Shelf Tag

Double-side Shelf Screen

Supermarket Kiosk

DSM80 Software

Synchronized Display & Audio

Interactive Query & Wayfinding

Templates for Stretched Display

DSM80 Software

  • Multiple Content Types
  • Flexible Playlist Schedule
  • Support 10,000+ Players
  • Strong Player Management
  • Detailed Statistics Report

BV-8400 Media Player

  • Noiseless and Dustproof Design
  • 1080p HDMI Output
  • LAN & Wi-Fi, 3G/4G ( optional)
  • Remote Control by DSM80 Server
  • Perfect Operation 24/7/365