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Digital Signage Music Updating Solution 2017

Digital Signage Music Updating Solution


Entertaining your customers with splendid music is a good idea, but things can go down really fast when they get bored with hearing the same music multiple times in a row. Is there a better way than sign in the network and upload the latest hit songs? Betvis solution allows in-store operators to update their favorite music for digital signage displays in seconds.

It is a good thing to let in-store operators have the inspiration and confidence to choose the most appropriate music for their digital signage displays. Music, unlike brand promotion or product video, should be deployed not only in the interest of customers, but employees as well, for employees are suppose to heard the music through the day. Boring music means boring in-store ambience, and indicates lower sales forecast. Good music implies bright moods and steady sales growth.


Updating music by network can not guarantee every single store to have their favorite songs, for you can’t let every in-store operator sign in the system and manage the media content by their own. Betvis solution is to make use of their USB flash drives. Each in-store operator can download their favorite songs to a flash drive and simply insert it into the digital signage player. The display will play the songs from the flash drive immediately. In this way, in-store operators can update the music within a minute, without altering the other media content on screen.

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