20170804-GPS based digital signage

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GPS based digital signage

Buses in modern cities are expected to have displays for promoting tourist destinations, big companies and shopping sites. With GPS location-based digital signage, content will play according to each bus’ acutal location, advertising at the best time and place.


Voice announcement at each bus station.

Play location-based content at each bus station.

Switch between bus TV channel and digital signage content.

Download content via 4G network to ensure updating stability.

How do we make it work?

The GPS tracker of the digital signage gets real time location coordinates of the bus based on google map. When the bus is entering some bus station with an effective radius of 50 meters or so, the display will be triggered to play content relevant to the place.

Case study from our clients

Betvis has deployed this GPS digital signage solution in several major cities here in China through cooperating with our partners such as Bus Online and Mobile Television.
See if you can use a similar solution.

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