38 inch Stretched Bar LCD Display

Model: BV-UW38M

  • Mature and flexible intelligent retail solutions
  • Light & modern design
  • Multiple brightness options available
  • Embedded content management system
  • Premium colour reproduction

Product Overview

Retail Ceil-hanging Signage Solutions

Has been successfully designed, manufactured, and implemented Ceil-hanging Advertising and Signage Solutions for supermarkets, pharmacies, transportation junctions, and so on. These solutions cover requirements including aisle guidance with advertising contents, traffic statistics using built-in cameras, 360°sync and async advertisements display, centralized cloud-based content management. Betvis solutions are globally installed and accepted for intelligent advertising and retail sales boosting.

There are two types of solutions two screens visible from both sides or a single screen that only visible from one side.

Brightness Options

Brightness of this stretched display are flexible. Standard version of 500nits brightness could meet most demands for retail advertising and signage. Higher brightness version with 700nits is suitable for some applications requiring brighter content displaying. Specially, for part of installations with strong external lights, higher brightness version is available to beat the sunlight.

500nits                              700nits

Integrate “Smart Eyes” for your signage

Built-in cameras are optional, for statics collection. With Retail Ceil-hanging Advertising and Signage Solutions, one or two cameras can be integrated into the overall solution to analyse and understand your clients. There are two camera built-in methods, one camera in each screen or only one camera at the bottom of the two screens.
*Only hardware for statistical functions.
Software is not provided.

Light Design

Focus on product details. Plastic handles for easier installation, mature design and special designed spare parts for overall solutions. Slim edge screens with premium colour reproduction.
38 inch stretched bar lcd display - back

Scheduled Display List

Easy Synchronous Content Management

Flexible Design What & How to Present

Self-developed DSM80 Content Management System

Betvis embed free self-developed CMS in our products, which can fulfill most content playing demands from clients.

Product Specifications

DisplaySize37.6 inch
Display Area919.3 × 258.55 mm
Resolution1920 × 540 px
Android SolutionCPUARM Coretex-A53 RK3368, 8 Core, 1.6GHz
MemoryDDR-3, 1GB
Operating SystemAndroid
InterfaceRJ45 x 1, USB2.0 x 2, Audio out x 1, Power x 1, IR x 1
Monitor SolutionInterfaceHDMI x 1, VGA x 1, Power x 1, IR x 1
PowerPower Consumption71W
Power Supply100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
OthersWorking Environment-20℃~70℃, 10%RH~80%RH
Net Weight11.8 Kg
Net Size955.8 × 294.5 × 23 mm
ApprearanceBlack/white metal shell, Anti-glare glass (optional)
AccessoriesPower cord, Remote control, Hanging rack (optional), Wi-Fi antenna, User manual


stretched bar lcd display - application6


  • Replacing messy paper labels with digital aisle displays keeps both signs and advertising vivid and dynamic

  • Showing video ads on the screen is a more effective way to stimulate buying desire

  • One stretched screen can gracefully display product information, supermaket guidance, related ads, and more

  • Digital content can be updated via network ongoing maintanence cost of labor and materials

Shopping mall

  • Stretched display mounted on the ceiling can be used as an electronic indicator to show directions

  • It can be used to indicate store information and special offer areas

  • Multiple screens can play the same ads simultaneously to enhance the effect

  • Smarter new retail solutions utilize devices, such as cameras, analyze customers and effects

Retail Stores

  • Boost store branding and customer engagement

  • Dynamically manage in-store sales enhancement content

  • Integrated with intelligent solutions for statistically analysis and operational data gathering

  • Cost saving in-store advertisement solution with better effects on clients.



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Where do you products come from?

Betvis offers products and solutions delivered from China, where Betvis is based. Based on distinct demands, Betvis produces using various Chinese and global brands, such as LG, Samsung, and BOE.

How can I get technical assistance from Betvis?

For pre-sales support, please call, email, or leave us a message using contact form. One of our professionals will provide help as soon as request received. For after-sales support, do not hesitate to contact the sales representative for any assistance.

What assistance can Betvis offer for my business and local clients?

With decades of industrial experience serving global clients, Betvis is capable to offer different solutions to meet clients’ demands. In addition, making the most of our global presence, Betvis consistantly provide market insights to our clients around the globe.

Betvis is collaborating more with our global partner to provide technical support, supply chain solution, marketing and branding coorporation to achieve strategical success together in their lobal markets.

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