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Integrated Capacitive Touch Digital Signage Player

Touch Digital Signage

With the development of technology and the coming of the 5G era, more and more industries have opened up the immersive consumer experience, and the all-in-one interactive Touch Digital Signage display has gradually replaced the traditional printed poster, and it has made great achievements in different industries.


Financial Industry: Used for business inquiry and related information display, not only saves the labor time of the business hall, but also provides a self-help consultation channel for consumers waiting for business, and the wealth management business also has a precise delivery platform.

Mobile Business Hall: Compared with the financial industry, the Communication Business Hall focuses on the promotion of their package-type products. For business inquiry and product promotion, the capacitive touch integrated display can provide more flexible display according to different users\’ preferences.

Shopping Malls and Large Shopping Centers: The biggest application of touch display in the business circle is in the navigation of shopping malls. Applications such as product promotion and other product inquiries can also be integrated into the touch kiosk.

Large Cinema: Used for video display and movie appreciation, using the spare time of the rest-area-users to push more valuable news, and gain potential customers while enhancing the sense of technology in the theater.

Food and Beverage Industry: There are many food and beverage brands on the market, such as KFC, McDonald’s and other use of touch-based ordering kiosk. It not only improves the labor efficiency of the restaurant, but also can display the combination of promotional packages and increase the unit price of customers.

In addition to the above industries, there are many applications that can be used.

Compared with the traditional advertising player industry, the touch screen integrated digital signage player can display the content of the promotion more vividly and play a very good effect on the interaction!

Betvis capacitive touch digital signage player adopts industry-leading technology, supports a variety of gesture touches, is responsive, and has stable touch without dead ends. Accuracy is as high as 99%, and the operation is more comfortable. Using projected capacitive touch positioning technology, far beyond the human body reaction speed. Industrial grade panel, stable operation, low power consumption, fast heat dissipation and long service life!