3D LED Cube New Signage For Retail

Model: BV-LC4825

  • High resolution LCD screen
  • High brightness and vivid color
  • Compact design and sleek look
  • Long life span and energy saving
  • All-in-one digital signage 

3D LED Cube New Signage For Retail​

A variety of application scenarios

Which are used in many applications such as entertainment, shopping malls, weddings, parties, or other special events where creative decoration is required.

3D LED Cube New Signage For Retail

IP65 Waterproof and Easy to operate,Perfect APP Control Solutions,Multiple Installation Solutions。

Power Supply

Built-in professional management software,Fixed inside cube.

Length, width and height are 480mm

Modules are attached on cube frame by magnets.Steel Cube Structure.

LED Module Specification

Schematic Drawing

LED Cube Solution