5 highlights of DSM digital signage software

Digital Signage Software DSM80 NewSome DSM80 features are very unique and important yet not known to all users, here are 5 of the most easily overlooked highlights of DSM digital signage software.

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5 Highlights of DSM80

Real-time Feeds
Images and video display in corresponding zones through web service interface, allowing real time showcase such as RSS news, exchange rate and line number.

Sync Playback
Devices in the same LAN can play in synchronization, as one device will be chosen as the leading one and the rest will automatically follow.

Make on-demand campaign responding to local interaction, such as touchscreen, motion sensor, remote control and keyboard.

DSM text-to-speech technology now can get your message heard in pure English and other languages.

Metadata and player data, including file play count and play time can be reported on and downloaded as .xls files for analysis.