Model: BV-UW75T

Stretched Bar LCD Display

  • High resolution LCD screen
  • High brightness and vivid color
  • Compact design and sleek look
  • Long life span and energy saving
  • All-in-one digital signage

Product Overview

Scheduled Display List

Rotate Freely

Flexible Screen Split

Including Digital Signage Software & Monitor

Product Size

Self-developed DSM80 Content Management System

Betvis embed free self-developed CMS in our products, which can fulfill most content playing demands from clients.

Product Specifications

DisplayDiagonal Length75inch
Display Area1649.66*535mm
Brightness350 cd/㎡ adjustable
Viewing Angle89°/89°/89°/89°(U/D/L/R)
Support colors16.7M
Pixel pitch0.4295*0.4295mm
Contrast ratio2000:1
Respone time< 8ms
Field rate60HZ
Theory lifetime50000H
Power consumption (kw/h)< 150W
DimensionNet Size1724.5*46.85*608.5mm (Length*width*height)
Net Weight51kg
Package Weight60KG
HardwareCPUT972 quad-core A55, with a maximum frequency of
1.9GHz, running Android 9.0
Storage16GB FLASH (expandable)
Decoding ResolutionSupports up to 1080P HD video
InterfacesRJ45 interface *1, HDMI high-definition input *1, USB
interface *2
Osd languageSupports multiple languages such as Chinese and English
VideoRMVB, FLV, MPEG1/2/4, AVI, DIVX, XDIV, WMV9, H.264,
MusicMP3, WMA, WAV, EAAC+, MP2 dec, Vorbis(Ogg), AC3,
FLAC (lossless audio), APE (lossless audio), BSAC
Speaker2*5W (8Ω)
Hardware Features1. Uses the JZT-T972 chip, and the platform is based on
Android 9.0 or above. It can replace the entertainment
function of a desktop PC and has the advantages of
standardization and openness.
2. Supports free switching of HDMI/LVDS startup output.
3. Input functions: supports various touch screen inputs
such as resistance, capacitance, infrared, sound wave, and
nanometer, supports remote control input, and supports
USB mouse/keyboard input.
4. Supports vertical and horizontal display modes and 360-
degree display mode.
5. Supports multiple storage media: supports SD cards,
USB flash drives, and SATA hard disk peripherals.
6. Clock display: built-in clock IC, can automatically update
time information when connected to the internet, and
automatically correct the system time.
7. Scheduled power on and off: helps save energy and
extend its service life; after setting the power on and off
time, the entire system will automatically start during the
power-on time period.
8. Powerful network support: supports wired/Wi-Fi/3G
(optional) access.
9. Multiple languages: supports most national languages
such as Chinese and English, supports TTF vector font
library, and the display is not distorted.
10. Supports multiple B/S architecture advertising release
software, based on powerful backend server management
software support, can set advertising machine parameters
online, make and distribute play lists online, download
server advertising sources in real-time/scheduled, and play
automatically after download is complete.
Backend control software
EnvironmentWorking temperature 0℃~40℃0℃~40℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃-20℃~60℃
Air humidity <85%<85%
Operating voltage 100V-260Vac,100V-260Vac, 50Hz/60



  • Replacing messy paper labels with digital shelf displays keeps shelves clean and tidy
  • Showing video ads on the screen is a more effective way to stimulate buying desire
  • One stretched screen can gracefully display information and prices for multiple products
  • Digital content can be updated via network to save labor and material costs

Franchised store

  • Fancy screens make stores and products look more advanced and attractive
  • Digital shelf displays show more product types, models and advantages
  • Well-designed digital content can get customers’ attention and improve conversion rate
  • Lift and learn solution enhances interaction with customers to optimize the brand experience

Metro train

  • Replacing light box with stretched LCD screens makes the metro train look more modern and intelligent

  • Digital metro line maps show the current location and next station in a dynamic way

  • Arrival and door opening tips show on the screen along with the voice announcement

  • Advertisements and other content can be played in the spare time

Shopping mall

  • Stretched display mounted on the ceiling can be used as an electronic indicator to indicate directions

  • It can be used to indicate product categories and special offer areas

  • Multiple screens can play the same AD simultaneously to enhance the effect

  • Smarter new retail solutions utilize devices like cameras to play different ads to different customers




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