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UNIQLO Brand Promotion Kiosk

Having customers mainly of young office workers and students, UNIQLO wanted its franchise stores to look fashionable and with sense of technology. Some fascinating good-looking promotion kiosk has always been what UNIQLO wanted. Another major advantage of turning to digital is improvement of its in-store advertising and service. UNIQLO has built itself a good reputation in China for its personnel training and brand culture over the past decade, and some extra help form digital signage certainly will contribute to that impression.

The beautiful white free-standing promotion kiosk Betvis made is exactly what UNIQLO has had in mind. The color is pearl white with elegant soft gloss, radiating happiness and welcome to viewers. The screen display is in 1080p full HD resolution, delivering smooth image switching with fabulous visual enjoyment. What is also in high definition is the built-in camera located over the left front top of the screen, capturing viewers when they close up.

The software which enchants the promotion kiosk is full version DSM80, supporting complex campaign organization and touch screen communication and everything. In the past at each season, UNIQLO conducted promotional campaigns for core products such as fleece, ultra-light down jacket, AIRism and HEATTECH. During the campaigns, UNIQLO advertised the products’ unique qualities and noteworthy features on TV and in other media. Now all those campaigns can be easily deployed to all franchised stores in Shanghai through DSM80 system.

Interactive communication is also brought in. Customers can select what interests them by a gentle touch on the screen. For UNIQLO’s flagships in Shanghai, several options are provided on the touch menu. The most popular one is obviously the new product menu at the very top, after selecting which several scrolling posters of new products will instantly pop out.   Another highlight is the customer feedback menu, which allows customers to submit a comment for service. Collecting customer feedbacks used to be such a tough target, now suddenly it becomes the simplest thing to do.

UNIQLO wanted its customers to know more than its new products and promotions, but also its enthusiasm on public welfare. To do this in a modest yet firm way, a “Good Love” menu is added at the corner of each main menu, opening a show window to demonstrate UNIQLO’s actions on public interests and encourage its customers to take a part in.

“Comments have been absolutely positive for our new customer service kiosks, and the comments are coming from our customers and our own employees. This digital project thing has to be the most brilliant decision our top leaders have made so far this year.”