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Australia Mister Minit Company introduces 32″ wall mounted

Mister Minit Australia is a chain of professional shoe repair stores, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality shoe repair and maintenance services. In order to improve the image and efficiency of the stores, the head office of Mister Minit decided to purchase 32″ wall mounts from us and install them on the counters of each store.

Mister Minit has many directly-managed stores in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Europe, and they have always emphasized on providing a quality service experience to their customers. In order to further improve the image and efficiency of their stores, they decided to introduce our 32″ wall mounts. These wall mounts are installed on the counters of each store and blend in with the overall environment of the store. By embedding the wall-hangings in the counters, it not only saves space, but also makes the stores look cleaner and more professional. This innovative installation provides a better customer experience.

With high-definition resolution and clear color displays, our wall mounts are able to attract customers’ attention whether they are displaying the store’s service items, repair progress or playing brand advertisements. At the same time, the wall mount supports horizontal and vertical display, which can be adjusted according to the layout and needs of the store. In this way, no matter which direction the customer walks into the store, they can clearly see the information on the wall mount.

Using the DSM80 software, the head office can manage the content remotely. This means that the head office can update the store’s information, such as promotions, new product promotions, etc., at any time to keep the store fresh and attractive. In addition, DSM80 supports the creation of different permissions for the head office and stores, making management more flexible and efficient. The head office can be managed uniformly as needed, while stores can be personalized according to local conditions. This remote management not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces communication costs between the head office and stores.

For store employees, the introduction of wall mounts also brings a lot of convenience. They can more easily check the store information and know the repair progress and service items. In this way, employees can focus more on providing quality service to customers and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, the high-definition display of the wall-hanging also makes employees more comfortable in their work and reduces visual fatigue.

For customers, the introduction of wall mounts also brings a better experience. They can see the store’s information more clearly and understand the progress of repairs and service programs. In this way, customers can feel more confident in entrusting their shoes to Mister Minit for repair and maintenance. At the same time, the advertisements played on the wall hangings can also bring customers more choices and special offers, so that customers can feel the care and attention of Mister Minit Company.

Overall, Mister Minit Australia has successfully improved the image and efficiency of their stores by introducing 32″ wall mounts. This has helped them to stay ahead of the competition in the market. At the same time, this innovative management style also provides lessons and inspiration for other enterprises. If you also want to make your store more modern and efficient, you may want to consider introducing our wall hanging products.

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