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Betvis Built Bus Monitor Digital Signage in Poland

In-vehicle digital signage systems are often more complex and more difficult to implement than the more common retail solutions, not only because of a display that can accommodate vehicle bumps. In many cases, the playback state of the screen needs to be related to the running state and location of the vehicle, which puts higher requirements on the scalability of the software, and therefore excludes many common digital signage software.

Sometimes, users don’t explicitly ask for one or the other needs from the outset, but rather want to have open possibilities in general. This is important for a large project involving hundreds or even thousands of screens because it reduces the budget for the pre-project. For such projects, our approach is usually to provide customers with a software that has been modified for the bus. It retains all the original features and adds some features that favor the bus environment, just like what we have done for a bus company in Poland. 

The initial demand for this Polish bus project was simple, which is basically a loop advertisement on a 22-inch white bus monitor. Content is a video saved in a fixed format, and the length of most videos is also fixed. It seems that the hardware and software involved in the project are very simple. However, as the project progresses and communication deepens, more and more specific ideas and requirements begin to become clear, involving general hardware detail customization and complex software logic changes, as well as a variety of scalable space reserved for the future. These changes once made the future of this project confusing, and it made it difficult for us to make a demonstration system and samples. After two months of repeated communication and confirmation, a sample with all the functions and features was sent to Poland. It was installed on an operating bus to test its function, performance and stability.

After ten days of continuous testing, our screens and software have withstood the test and achieved satisfactory results. The customer flew to Shanghai for a visit and field visit, and signed a purchase contract with us after completing a series of business communications. The 20 bus monitors purchased in the first phase have been delivered and will soon be installed on one of the customer’s bus lines. If the batch runs well in the next six months or one year, we will continue to provide 200-300 identical screens and will participate in some other projects of this customer in Eastern Europe.