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Betvis Coming Foldable Digital Signage 2017 new

Betvis Coming Foldable Digital Signage


With the advancement of science & technology,and the continuous development of mobile digital media, humans’ awareness for various information has also greatly raised up. This has also contributed to the continuous upgrading of Digital Signage, to maximize the satisfaction of human visual sensory needs. Foldable digital signage comes into being, and brings you a new visual feast on appearance and digital display.

  • Foldable, Mobile and Slim Appearance.

      The support structure of this model depends on “Herring Bone” style, which makes  the product easily move and fold. Moreover, its simple appearance shows that it is convinent to assemble and take apart.

  • Large Size LCD Display, 7*24*360 Outdoor/Indoor Playback.

       The industrial grade frame, high quality tempered glass screen provide the excellent hardware conditions to Full HD display – Exciting experience in visual. Adding high-performance main boards or our network players, the product could give you 7/24/365 service.

  • Customization on Content, Layout and Display.

      Based on the consideration of future smart display applications returning to the customer value, Betvis consolidate technology advantages and market team to carefully create a cloud mobile Internet digital signage solution -DSM80 system.

       With this management system, anyone could design the content, the display layout whatever they want. The most shiny sparkle of this model is “Intelligent split screen system”, the whole one screen can show separate contents.

  • Update Anytime & Anywhere

       Compared with the complicated and complicated server setup process of traditional digital signage, Simple foldable Digital Signage is based on cloud services – which can eliminate the painful installation process for Users to set up servers, to connect display terminals, and to configure systems.

        With DSM80 network management system, the server and the display terminal could update anytime and anywhere. Users only need to sign up for an account with their e-mail, and they can log in the user interface on their computers or mobile phones to easily manage the terminal and publish content.

  • Various Project, Various Solution

      Restraunt, Retail chain store, Hotel&Inn, Shopping area…… Different sites need diverse digital signage solution to catch the public attention.

      This model can satify various demands, with self-designing via the provided software. Intelligentialization is the heat topic in recent world. How to make information intellegently display or to provide the best visual communication to the public is what the mobile digital media industry pursue all the time. This model is a “innovation” in digital signage field. We believe it will not make you disappoint.