Betvis Digial Signage Displays helps digitalize Beijing Administrative Service Center

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In recent years, digital signage machines have been used more and more widely in the government field. These digital intelligent products can create a good service environment and improve efficiency and satisfaction.Its functions are reflected in:

First, the openness of government affairs information can make government affairs information more transparent. Each office window formula handles matters, clears the closing time, and the charge standard.

Second, the publicity of government functions, and the intelligent propaganda of each office allows the staff to understand the working scope and working standards of relevant intelligent departments in detail, and establish a good image of each administrative department;

Third, the optimization of public resources, taking advantage of the centralized resources of the government affairs center, in addition to handling the business within the relevant functions, various public resource transactions can also be carried out, and the public resources optimized for use abroad.

Entering the service hall, those Betvis digital signages installed in elevator entrances, waiting halls, floor aisles, employee leisure areas, etc. can be seen everywhere, all of them are Betvis classic models, narrow bezel I wall-mounted all-in-one machines, T straight corner floor All-in-one machine, H models of Apple floor-standing all-in-one machine, aluminum alloy silver frame + front black tempered explosion-proof glass, simple and beautiful.

All machines use 4G networking technology to release exciting programs. Betvis’s powerful inner core ensures smooth 4K source playback. Multi-screen split-screen technology allows different viewers to watch the content programs they want, such as weather forecasts, floor guides, and administrative service processes. . Emergency notice, etc.