Betvis Digital Signage Classroom Solution Facilitates Colorful Campus Life in 2017

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Betvis Digital Signage Classroom Solution Facilitates Colorful Campus Life

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Betvis Smart Class Board Facilitates Colorful Campus Life (2)

Recently, Betvis smart digital signage classroom boards passed the acceptance test. The smart class boards in front of the classroom can not only convey class’s award-winning situation, curriculum and attendance information, but also the class style, Students’ work display, notification notice, Outstanding micro-classrooms, parents talent exhibition and other information pleasant to be seen by students.

A piece of small screen, with huge information storage ability, realizes functions of convenient school management and enriching students campus life, becaming a indispensable part of students’ campus life.

As an important part of digital campus, digital signage classroom boards play a vital media role in modern campus learning life.Not only can they show a colorful class culture, but more importantly, become interactive platform between students, schools and classes, teachers and students, parents and students.

Betvis has been accumulation nearly a decade of experience in campus digital construction.Its digital class boards system has been widely used in the campus with the rich cases, meanwhile, its practices are also highly appreicated by the school, students and parents.

Today’s educational informalization is going through the digital and smart campus stage, in the process of continuous exploration, construction and implementation.The establishment of a strong, highly scalable wisdom education and management platform is recognized by many schools and education units. Digital class brand was exactly born under this context, to provide an expandable experimental space for students in the new era.

Betvis digital class board, serving modern education, Facilitates Colorful Campus Life!