Betvis Digital Signage Facilitate Singapore Restaurant Digital Signage Project

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Betvis recently exported several digital signages to Singapore, ranging from digital men board to portable digital signage lcd display for one coffee shop digital signage project.

With FHD resolution of 1920*1080, Betvis digital signage provides images and videos with life-like detail and panoramic content view. High rightness of 450nits also facilitates its display effect and suits indoor and semi-outdoor environments.

Betivs digital menu board is simple to use and web based digital signage solution. Software is ready-to-use and no need to install from the customers, and users can easily create self-defined templates or use our free digital menu boards templates as they want, simple to edit and schedule digital menu boards and publish contents locally or remotely. Most important is that our content management software is totally free of charge.

The Portable Vertical advertising kiosk has great advantage in upgrading the store level, attracting store popularity, enhancing the store brand and sales, and it is ideal for various applications, like office building, catering business chain, hotel lobby, health care, beauty salon, shopping mall, to name only a few.