Betvis new lcd bar display 2017

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Betvis new lcd bar display


Equipped with professional digital signage knowledge and outstanding hardware custom ability, Betvis is ready to make your signage dazzling with spectacular ultra-wide lcd bar display digital signage.

lcd bar display
Betvis Ultra-wide Stretched LCD-2


Adaptable to All

With great adaptability to various application scenarios like supermarket, bus or railway station, Betvis stretched LCD is a perfect choice for digital signage above crowds’ head.

Betvis Ultra-wide Stretched LCD-3


Able to be installed from floor, roof and shelf, adapting to environment perfectly.

Betvis Ultra-wide Stretched LCD-4

Railway Station

Capable to integrate with train timetable and PIS (Passenger Information System)

Betvis Ultra-wide Stretched LCD-5

Blend into bus environment perfectly

Various Sizes

Always get a perfect size for your project, no waste on space as well as budget.

Betvis Ultra-wide Stretched LCD-6

Professional Software

Trouble-free digital signage software adaptable to all kinds of application scenarios.

Betvis Ultra-wide Stretched LCD-7