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Betvis Smart Outdoor Kiosks Light Up The City Of Hangzhou​

Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China, and West Lake is the most beautiful place in Hangzhou and one of the top ten attractions in China. The commercial district near West Lake is the most prosperous area in Hangzhou and will be one of the 11 most exclusive commercial streets in China. On the eve of the National Day on October 1 this year, the Lakeside Pedestrian Street on the edge of the West Lake experienced a huge upgrade, including 31 smart outdoor terminals provided by Betvis.

As a critical element of the upgrade, the double-sided 86-inch smart outdoor kiosks are particularly eye-catching in the night:

By simply looking at the smart outdoor kiosks, visitors can not only obtain the guidance information of traditional signs, but also see the number of free parking spaces in the nearby parking garages, the bus shuttles along the lakeside, the pedestrian street food list and restaurants. There are also information on the West Lake cruise schedule, music fountain information, and the West Lake Scenic Spot.

This project uses 31 double-sided 86-inch outdoor digital signage terminals with 2000 nit screen brightness and IP65 outdoor protection, and can maintain the same brightness and vividness for at least 2 years. The machine uses a new generation of independent cooling system to keep the interior of the machine cool under extremely low operating noise, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the machine.

In the replacement of content, we still use the trusted DSM80 digital signage software to manage these screens. It has been used in dozens of large outdoor projects, so it can be used immediately without any changes.