Bus Digital Signage

Full 3840*2160 high definition images can be displayed
20-point touch allows several people to write at the same time
Android and Windows dual system supports more applications
Scan code to easily store and share meeting records
Transmit the content wirelessly, realizing real-time demonstration
1mm recognition accuracy make zooming, mobile dragging, roaming and other shortcut operation easy

Sizes: 19'' | 22'' | 32'' 

About Bus Digital Signage

On the basis of common digital signage, bus tv monitor has acquired some special functions, such as location based broadcast, 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection, Wi-Fi hotspot and multiple screen synced. In order to ensure its stable operation, some special measures have also been introduced, such as anti-loosening mounting brackets, surge-resistant wide-voltage power supply, and cable screw joints.