Daily Maintenance of LCD Advertising Machine

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Daily Maintenance of LCD Advertising Machine (2)

The first step is screen cleaning. The daily life must maintain the regular to the advertisement machine “bidet” the custom, may use the special potion spraying in the LCD Advertisement machine screen, then uses the clean white cloth to gently wipe. Try not to use moisture too heavy wet cloth, wet cloth moisture too heavy easy to stay on the screen, through the edge of water into the screen can lead to system short-circuit, advertising machine cannot work properly. Advocate the use of glasses cloth, lens paper and other soft scrub, to avoid the LCD advertising sign board to form unnecessary scratches.

The second is environmental factors. The working environment of the advertising machine directly affects the operation and service life of the advertising machine, if the working environment of the advertising machine is too bright, even direct sunlight, this will not only affect the visual communication of the advertising machine, but also damage the screen electronic components of the advertising machine. Advertising machine working environment air humidity must be maintained appropriate, cannot go two extreme, electronic equipment once too wet will only affect the circuit situation, resulting in advertising machine cannot work properly.

Next factor is the maintenance of the device. The existence of things in the world has its own inherent laws, and then good electronic products will have its own longest use. Advertising machine body switch will cause certain damage to the advertising machine, frequency switch will only form the damage of the screen electronic components. Naturally it will affect the use of advertising machine, or rather its service life.

Final factor is the skill of maintenance. Electronic devices often appear electrostatic phenomenon, advertising machine is no exception. Static electricity will let the airborne dust in the air to attach to screen body and screen, this time to master a certain maintenance skills is very important.

Now, whether it’s in the mall, banks, finance and other major industries we often encounter, advertising media industry as an indispensable part of advertising, increasingly favored by the vast majority of commercial users, not only has a high value of making people enjoyable, but also plays an irreplaceable role in the promotion of merchandise and corporate image.