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Digital revolution at THE F BEAUTY barbershop in Qatar: a new experience with LCD bar screens

At THE F BEAUTY barber store in Qatar, a 47.1-inch LCD bar screen is installed under each mirror to display brand logos, deepen customer impressions, and increase repeat business. It displays information on promotional activities and hairdressing products to promote consumption. The barber service information is also displayed for customers to choose.
The owner of THE F BEAUTY said that this innovative move not only brings a brand new experience for customers but also brings a great change to the operation of the barbershop.

  1. Enhance customer experience: LCD bar screens can provide customers with entertainment and information, making the waiting or haircutting process more enjoyable and fulfilling. This helps to reduce customers’ waiting anxiety and increase their satisfaction with the barbershop.
  2. Increase marketing opportunities: Barbershops can utilize bar screens to display the latest promotions, recommended products, hairstyle pictures, etc. to attract customers’ attention and promote consumption. This provides additional marketing channels for barbershops and increases the profit opportunities for the stores.
  3. Improve brand image: With well-designed screen content, barbershops can create a unique style and leave a deep impression on customers. This helps to enhance the brand image of the barbershop and increase customer loyalty.
  4. Space-saving: Compared with traditional paper-based promotional materials, LCD bar screens can save the space of the store and make the store look more neat and modern.
  5. Remote management of content: barbershop managers can update the content on the bar screen through the remote management system, which saves time and energy for managers and improves work efficiency.
  6. Flexible display content: All bar screens can display the same content as well as different content as needed. For example, different pictures of hairstyles and service information can be displayed on different screens to meet the needs of different customers.

This series of LCD bar screens has many advantages, including:

  1. Four sizes are available: 23″ /35″ /37.8″ /47.1″, which are perfectly adapted to different needs.
    2.It can support playing with a variety of materials, enjoying a rich entertainment experience, and making the waiting time enjoyable.
    3. High Brightness, Clear Display: 700 nits high brightness ensures that the image is clearly visible, even in bright light environments.
  2. Vertical and horizontal, free display: flexible adjustment of the display mode as needed.
  3. 24-hour operation, stable and reliable: 24-hour uninterrupted operation, providing you with reliable service.

Overall, the case of THE F BEAUTY barber store in Qatar fully demonstrates the great potential of 47.1″ LCD bar screen in enhancing customer experience and store operation. With the continuous development of technology, we believe that there will be more and more such innovative applications, bringing more convenience and fun to people’s life.

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