Digital Signage, an Integral Part of Smart City

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There is no doubt that digital signage will penetrate into all aspects of social life, becoming an indispensable organic whole in the construction of smart cities, and the market capacity of the industry will become unimaginable huge. So how should manufacturers, integrators, industry application developers, and even the entire digital signage industry, including developers and users, grasp it in the face of this huge opportunity that accompanies the construction of smart cities?

Digital Signage, an Integral Part of Smart City

1. Digital signage products must be able to integrate organically with many intelligent applications, open API is the adhesive

Integration is the first condition for digital signage to play an important role in the construction of smart cities, and provides consumers with the simplest interface entry. Integration requires not only convenient integration, but also a comprehensive management process that can be easily managed by managers, preferably with more support in content.

2. The industry characteristics of LCD advertising sign board

Each industry and professional field has a professional system manufacturers, a deep understanding of the industry, the accumulation of thousands of industry users. These vendors can use the digital Signage API to directly integrate powerful digital signage systems into their original system software.

3. Content template marketization
Content problems have always been difficult for the digital signage industry, and the digital signage applications of smart cities must also solve the content problems. Professional people do professional things, there is no doubt to introduce content providers and professional designers to really do the content well.

4. 4G commercial Promotion
4 G module is a topic that is of wide concern nowadays. With the commercial use of 4G, the transmission rate of wireless network has been greatly improved, and according to experience, the tariff will appear a substantial decline, which is of great significance for the construction of smart cities.

5. with an open and cooperative mentality, benefit sharing in order to prosper the market
Finally, there is a consensus to be raised that the mastery of local resources is the key to the success or failure of digital signage projects, especially in the construction of smart cities led by local governments. Therefore, the industrial chain has the concept of openness, can hold the group of partners (such as the word signage manufacturers and industry integrators to establish a wide range of cooperative relations) will be able to gather a larger amount of resources, and naturally can reap greater benefits.