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Best Digital Signage Manufacturer Serves 1st China Import Expo

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The 1st China Import Expo was operated smoothly during Nov.5 to 11 in shanghai, and visitors had good impression of Expo. It is the world\’s first national expo with the theme of \”import \”, we are honored to be the sponsor of the China International Import Expo, providing 55\” floor standing digital signage kiosk, and smart coffee vending machine for the seven-day runs expo to facilitate the guests.

The 55\” floor standing advertising kiosk were placed in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, and at the entrance of the Expo in advance, displaying diversified content, like Expo signs and introductions to publicize the Expo, greetings to welcome the expo visitors at home and aboard, interactive games and information. These kiosks with welcome slogans and expo guideline facilitate the visitors and also express our great enthusiasm and hospitality.

Beside of the floor standing digital signage kiosk, the intelligent coffee vending machine provided by us can also be seen in the rest places of the Expo, providing free fresh-brewed coffee for all the guests. There are different flavors of grinding coffee to be offered, visitors can choose to pay by wechat, or Alipay by mobile (the most prevailing mobile online payment in China). It is also an antipoverty program, we will donate 0.1 CNY (equals to 0.1 USD) to the Yunnan distressed area by selling a cup of coffee.


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