Digital Signage Player

Ordinary TVs, monitors and screens can be turned into magical digital signage by connecting Betvis network media players. Featured with outstanding capability and reliable performance, BV-84, BV-88 and BV-90 Lite are perfect solutions for high-standard digital signage projects.

Model BV-84 BV-88 BV-90 lite
CPU ARM Cortex A9, Quad-core, 1.6GB ARM Cortex A53, Octa-core, 1.6GB RK3566 Cortex-A55 Quad-core, 1.8GHz
Network WiFi & Lan in default, 3G/4G optional WiFi & Lan in default, 3G/4G optional WiFi & Lan in default
Memory 1G+8G (with 16G SD card) 2G+16G (no TF card) 2G+16G (no TF card)
Output VGA/HDMI/AUDIO output HDMI output HDMI output/AUDIO output
Input AV Input, up to 720P HDMI Input, up to 1080P /
Decoding capability 1080P 4K decoding 4K decoding

DSM80 Digital Signage Management Software

DSM80 digital signage software provides a web-based user interface accessible to any user from anywhere, anytime. All the thoughtful functions and powerful tools enable users to make their own digital signage system for different applications such as retail, restaurant, finance, education.entertainment, healthcare, automotive, transportation and DOOH.

Remote update Video/Image/Text/Web
Campaign Loop, On-demand playlist by trigger
Web-based, Easy installation
Layout design, Multiple zone
Network options(Cable, Wifi, 4G)
Remote device control

System Topology

Software Interface

Display Effect


Multi-Area Display

Support spilt-screen display for flexible arrangement of multiple content areas.

Players Auto-Sync

Players in the same LAN can be set into auto-sync to get synchronized playback.

Versatile Content Formats

Support all mainstream formats of video, audio, picture and scrolling text.

Third-Party Application

Allow any third-party Android application to be integrated with DSM80 software.

POD (Playlist On Demand)

Playlist can be triggered to play by remote control, keyboard, mouse and network.

Background Music

Audio can be added as background music to play along with the playlist.


Banking & Finance

Healthcare & Hospital



Retail shop


Restaurant (QSR)