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Digital signage new products in 2016

Digital signage new products in 2016


2015 has past,we experienced so much and get much progress.New year\’s coming,we have prepared to face bigger challenge.We launched the digital signage new products in the year\’s beginning.

32\”-19\”multi-screen multi-function all-in-one media player 

BV-3219 is a multi-screen multi -function all-in-one media player for transportation,Mall or other public place.It includes four parts:32 inch post screen,19 inch touch screen,power outlet with two routine charging and four USB charging,newspaper tray.
—You can use it to surf the internet,search information,buy tickets and so on;
—You can put different newspaper,magazine or other books on the tray;
—You can use power outlet to charge various electronic products.

At the same time,the product has two optional OS:one is android,other one is X86.Android is based on A20/1G/8G,and X86 is based on I3/4G/500G.High configuration ensure the product stability.

43 inch floor-standing all-in-one Display

43 inch floor-standing all-in-one usually used for hospital,bank,supermarket,restaurant,auto 4S store and so on.There is a whole tempered glass in the front of display and it adopts infrared six point touch screen,I5/4G/500G configuration.You can put your Logo,two-dimension code and other brands interactive information.

32 inch floor-standing all-in-one touch media player

32 inch floor-standing all-in-one touch media player is a human-computer interaction floor-standing display and have much difference from wall-mounted media player.This display is more original and portable because of its integration and stability.it adopts android OS with 3188/1G/8G configuration and can interact with your smartphone.