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Digital Signage Software: Making Your Interactive Display More Attractive

Digital Signage Software: Making Your Interactive Display More Attractive

Increasingly popular for their flexibility and interactivity, interactive displays are commonly found in shopping centers, museums, corporate lobbies and educational institutions. However, many users realize after installation that quality content is the key to a good or bad display. Without the right content, your interactive display may not work at its best. So, if you don’t have an on-site content creator, how should you find and manage the right content? Choosing the right digital signage software can play an important role in this regard. Let’s take a look at how to choose digital signage software to enhance your interactive display.

What is digital signage software?

Digital signage software allows you to curate and share content on your interactive displays. It not only ensures that the images and information on your displays capture your audience’s attention, but it also communicates important information about your organization and displays up-to-date information to entice viewers to come back in the future.

Digital signage software is often cloud-based, enabling users to manage their displays from anywhere, anytime. By connecting to real-time information sources, digital signage software can share the latest news, weather or social media updates.

Why is quality software important for your digital signage?

The content you share on your interactive display needs to resonate with your audience or they may ignore it. Outstanding content should be interactive, compelling, and up-to-date. If your audience requires content that is constantly updated, then keeping it current requires effort. Depending on the size and shape of your screen, your images may not display correctly without the right software. The right digital signage software can address all of these needs and issues and automate the process, saving your organization time and money.

What to look for in digital signage software

How much money have you budgeted for the project and have you considered ongoing software expenses?

Do you expect to pay an ongoing fee or would you prefer a one-time payment?

Does the vendor offer a solution that matches your specific industry, and does it demonstrate this through its features or customer list?

How important is sharing current content (such as news or social media) to your solution?

How many screens do you manage and do they display the same or different content?

When choosing a partner, also consider their level of success. Software companies often go out of business, and the investment of your time learning and setting up the platform will be lost if you choose the wrong partner. While the one-time fee may seem attractive, adding features can quickly add to your total expenses.

Fortunately, software websites and partners like Betvis offer demos so you can see the software in action for yourself, and many companies offer free trials. While research helps make decisions, ultimately you may need to experience it for yourself to find the best solution.

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