Digital Signage Sync Display 2017 new

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Digital Signage Sync Display 2017 new

Synchronized displays always convey some extra confidence to your digital signage sync display and can serve as a helpful tool for more challenging applications. Synchro function in DSM8 allows multiple players to play the same content at the same pace, and correct any out-sync automatically.

Digital Signage Sync Display 2017 new

You can use this synchro function to display a stretched video across several normal-size screens:

How do we make it work?

DSM8 will appoint one player as the leader, to which the other players will synchronize every a few minutes. To make this work, your players should be in the same LAN.

Case study from our clients

Several Tesco supermarkets are using this display-synced feature in Thailand. It is especially useful when a new video is published to rows of TVs.

Ahold in Holland implemented this synchro function all together with on-demand presentation triggered by inputs, which is another DSM8 feature, in their headquarter lobby and conference room.

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