Display content when & where you need it via GPS coordinates 2013

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Display content when & where you need it via GPS

Display content when & where you need it via GPS coordinates1

what is location based service?

Location-based service (LBS) can be defined as a social, entertainment or information service, enabling a company to reach and engage with its audience through tools and platforms that capture the geographic location of the audience. The delivery mechanisms used for LBS is powered by a GPS device (such as GPS module) that pings the current location and allows the receiver (SignagePlayer) to play the display content within the specified radius.

Location-based marketing (LBM) bridges the gap between all forms of marketing media, inclusive of social media, the Internet, OOH, and real-life interaction. LBM covers the utilization and/or integration of all media to engage and market to people in specific places with specific offerings. LBM uses location-based services to reach and engage with consumers based upon where they are located.

With our location based service, you simply set points and a radius on a map and let any moving object (most likely a vehicle such as bus, taxi or train) display Digital Signage display content when the object enters the radius you specified. When the object leaves that radius, your standard signage presentation will resume. This allows you to set GPS coordinates which correlate to particular resources such as videos and images and present them when and where they matter most.

The power behind location based

If location-based services are the technology and media delivery platforms used for the identification of an individual’s location and preferences, then location-based marketing is the use of these platforms by brands, retailers, and their agencies to target the message to individuals and engage with them based on their location. The key is that location is most often linked to a specific intent to buy or research products and services at that moment in time. LBM can be effective by many application such as tour buses, taxis, trains and other moving transports that can display or act upon triggers which correspond to a specific GPS location.

How is it done?

Betvis believes in simplicity and affordability. That’s why we designed the Location Based Component so that anyone can easily configure it and display GPS based display content in a matter of minutes. First login to our DSM80 Location Based Platform, set your location spots and map each GPS location to a particular radius on your Map. Next set your priority and duration for each resource. You can use any GPS transmitter. The GPS will post current location every few seconds and our SignagePlayer will take care of the rest.

Once you are done setting up your Studio with the locations, just install the SignagePlayer on our Android device and configure the GPS module to post its GPS location to the local SignagePlayer, it’s that simple!

Interested? Just contact our sales engineers for more details.