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Ecuador elevator display case sharing:innovative,efficient and multi-functional

In Ecuador, an advertising agency installed our 18” elevator displays in an apartment, enabling innovative and convenient advertising. Our elevator display is a full-screen design, increasing the display area and making the ad content more compelling. The elevator display backpack is hidden and the back is flat, which facilitates sticking and hanging, making installation and maintenance more convenient. What’s more, our product can realize remote management of the content of the elevator display, a feature that saves a lot of time and cost for the advertising company.

In this case, the advertising agency faced some challenges. The elevator displays they had previously installed were too thick for aesthetics and did not have split-screen functionality, limiting the display of ads. In addition, the CMS software required a fee, which increased operating costs. To solve these problems, the advertising company chose our elevator display products.

Our elevator displays are ultra-thin, have split-screen function, and can display multiple messages at the same time. What’s more, our software does not require license fees and can be remotely updated to manage the content. This brings multiple benefits to advertising agencies. First, they can manage content remotely, which improves efficiency and reduces operating costs. Secondly, the split-screen feature makes the ad content more diversified and improves the user experience. In addition, there is no need to pay license fees, further saving costs. Finally, the diversity of broadcast content, such as weather, time and apartment notifications, increases residents’ attention to the ads and reduces aversion to them.

For information distribution, the advertising company divided the content into two parts. One part was used to display the weather, time and apartment notices, which provided convenience for residents and increased their favorability towards the advertisements. The other part is used to show advertisements, realizing revenue for the advertising company. This split-screen approach saves costs, generates advertising revenue, and provides convenience to residents, achieving a win-win-win effect.

By using our elevator displays products, the advertising company successfully realized additional advertising revenue. They found that residents’ attention to and acceptance of the advertisements increased significantly, and the advertising effect was significantly improved. This enabled the advertising company to attract more advertisers and increase advertising revenue. In addition, through the remote management function, the advertising company was able to update the ad content more flexibly and customize the display according to different advertisers’ needs. This further increases the attractiveness and effectiveness of advertisements and brings more business opportunities for advertising companies.

All in all, this case fully demonstrates the innovative applications and advantages of elevator displays in the advertising industry. By providing better display effect, remote management function and diversified content display, our elevator display brings higher efficiency and revenue to the advertising company, and at the same time enhanced the living experience of the residents.

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