Environment Requirements on Video Wall Installation

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Environment Requirements on Video Wall Installation2

Ensure the smooth implementation of the project and protect the normal operation of video wall screen. The on-site installation of the video wall must meet the following environmental conditions:

First, the installation requirements

1) The ground should be smooth and firm, strong bearing capacity, and is not easily deformed.

2) The base of the cabinet is generally placed on the anti-static floor to ensure that the ground can withstand long-term gravity without deformation.

Second, the requirements on operation console (room) decoration and equipment location

1) The operation control computer should be placed opposite to the video wall, so the operator can view the screen directly and debug the system, like color adjustment and other operation. If there is a specially cut off operation control room, there should be transparent glass between the operation control room and the large-screen display room to facilitate the operator’s viewing.

2) The graphics controller should be placed in the cabinet next to or behind video wall. It should be as close to the control PC as possible to reduce the RGB trace distance.

Third, the light requirements

1) It is recommended to use the built-in down light, the screen should be avoid to be exposure directly to the strong light, keep the light 3 meters away from the screen, so the screen has a better display effect.

2) If there is large window in the operation room, please use a dark curtain to avoid direct sunlight.

Fourth, requirements on Cabling and Trunking

1) Weak cables (RGB, video, network, serial port, mouse and keyboard extensions, etc.) should be routed away from strong cables to avoid signal interference. If you use trunking, the cables should be separated with several trunking.

2) If it is fixed floor such as floor tile, or composite wood floor, the signal cable (computer RGB signal, video signal), which means the distance from the control computer to the graphic controller, should be be as short as possible.

3) If it is an anti-static floor, please leave a outlet for network cable from the floor.

Fifth, power supply

Considering that the system may encounter special currents that may cause breakpoints and re-energize, the video wall unit itself has a power protection design to ensure normal and safe operation of the device.

1) The power supply of the system is AC 220V ±5%; a three-eye socket with a protective earth wire is a must.

2) The video wall system, the graphics controller and the control PC require the same phase power supply.

3) The power supply voltage should be stable and reliable, especially to prevent power-on immediately after a power failure. Therefore, in principle, the power supply of the splicing system must be powered by the corresponding power UPS.

4) The system equipment should have a good ground connection, grounding resistance <2Ω, to prevent equipment to be damaged when encountering special conditions such as lightning.

Six, system environment

There should be a channel on the back of the video wall for maintenance, the channel width is generally not less than 0.60 meters.

2) The room equipped with video wall, requires better temperature and humidity control. Working environment temperature is 0°C-40°C and relative humidity is 10%-90%. Air conditioner is necessary in the room.

3) The room needs to be clean and dust-proof.5) Keep fire sprinklers as far away from the video wall as possible and use spray extinguishing agents.