Floor Standing Kiosk

It can be moved around freely.
It is an all-in-one digital signage solution.
It runs on a proven digital signage platform of great capability. 
Excellent industrial design, sleek look and high quality original LCD screen.
Open for all kinds of customization, suitable for use in shopping mall, hotel, restaurant and more

Sizes: 43'' | 49'' | 55''

About Floor Standing Kiosk

As the enterprise level digital signage player powered by DSM80, BV-88 can easily turn any ordinary TV, monitor or screen into highly versatile digital signage display. Featuring 4K display, HDMI input, reliable network and scalable I/O interfaces, it is your perfect choice for any digital signage project large or small, complex or simple. With industrial durability and outstanding performance, BV-88 can be confidently deployed to digital signage application fields like retail, restaurant, transportation, corporation,  public service and more. 

Diverse Content

Video, image, text, webpage, live feeds, IP streams and more

Split Screen

Split screen templates for multiple area display

Touch Screen

Touch screen is optional for interactive applications

Custom Peripherals

Various custom peripherals to meet all kinds of requirements