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GM BUICK 4S Store Digital Signage Project


GM BUICK 4S Store Digital Signage Project


With an estimated over 27 million car sales volume in the year of 2016, China has been the largest automobile market of the world for 7 years in a row. Along with the rapid growth in sales is the huge scale of the development of 4S stores all across China. Thousands of them have already been built in the past decade, and certainly more will emerge in the foreseeable future.
China is also the largest market for General Motors, whose vehicle series remains to have the most diversity and popularity in China for the
past few years, with 11 joint venture enterprises and 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries scattered across China. Hundreds of GM 4S stores have served in all the large and middle cities in various scales and styles, with the most advanced furniture and eye-catching appearances.
How to stand out of the fierce competition has always been a critical puzzle for all GM dealerships. An Innovative 4s store digital signage design for showroom turns out to be a very effective way to engage and entertain potential buyers, as a way to lift brand image and improve after-sale service values.

“Last year we saw significant visitor flow growth and cross-sales improvement thanks to our new intelligent display system. BUICK has invested lots of efforts on this project, much more than all the other automobile brands. Now I am confident to say all the efforts are worth it. ” – Yong Lee, sales manager of BUICK 4S store in Putuo, Shanghai

Betvis Solution for GM BUICK

This 46 inch floor stand kiosk comes with shinning metal appearance and network update capability. It is the main screen type designed and manufactured by Betvis for all GM BUICK 4S stores across China. All of them are managed from a single cloud server, making the management much easier and more efficient than old-school posters.  With the fashionable appearances, they are good to display in all different areas both inside and outside the 4S stores. They also come with versatile digital signage software from Betvis, which allowing they to schedule playlist and on-demand contents. High quality original LCD panels and top-class electrical components are used in the manufacture process to ensure the best visual effects and longest life span. BUICK logo is specially added in both the kiosk appearance and the background software platform per client’s requirements.

19 inch floor stand LCD displays are placed in the exhibition area to replace the traditional brochures, allowing customers to search and check all the details they may be interested to know. The digital catalogs and videos and pictures can be easily updated from background server via network, guaranteeing the information to be fresh and engaging.

These 32 inch wall mount frame LCD displays are installed on the wall, lining in a row to show sync promotion content. GM didn’t need them to be updated from internet, so Betvis made them in standalone mode, in favor of cutting budget. The 19 inch tablets on table come in PC-based operation system, making them suitable to be used as PC, while at the

same time allowing customers to play games or check different vehicle styles. Betvis made them in ultra-slim and super light, way to add more sense of technology into the environment.

43 inch and 55 inch LCD floor stand kiosks are also placed in the communication area, working as a role to contribute more topics and highlights to conversations. 4S store staff can use them to show their customers the right stuff to make their points when necessary. The high-definition dynamic images are also very good materials for preventing customers from getting boring or wearied.

Some of the GM flagship 4S stores got these column standing screens for special occasions like new car publication. They can be easily moved and installed according to any random particular demands, to get the best location

for demonstration. The content they can play also range from HD promotion videos to image slides.

Aside from all these 4s store digital signage above, some other more interactive functions are also integrated into the solution for GM 4S stores, such as Wi-Fi login marketing page, prize quiz, online poll, social media interaction, etc.

The Result

Over the past two years, Betvis has helped GM to build a complete digital signage network in all of its BUICK 4S stores across China. With the help of this digital signage network, BUICK was able to realize its sales target in 2015 within the first 10 months. Now with a bigger ambition, they are looking at over 11% growth in 2016.

After a long time of operation, Betvis digital signage system has proven itself to be a huge helper to all GM 4S stores.  Benefited from this system, GM 4S stores now are looking at some new application developments from Betvis, like customer recognition and statistics analysis, interaction between smart phone, pad and big screen and one of the most popular trends, the VR experience video wall, with which customers can have virtual driving stimulation and all the other augmented reality experiences. This certainly is a brand new opportunity for both GM 4S stores digital signage and Betvis, considering its unprecedented level and expectation. Hopefully we will provide not only better hardware devices for the stores, but better visual experience for all the customers as well.