Hotel to Realize New Multimedia Information Publishing in 2014

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Hotel to Realize New Multimedia Information Publishing in 2014

Hotel to Realize Multimedia Information Publishing2

Nowadays, hotel is the place for people to stay during the trip. At the hotel, tourists can learn of local customs, special snacks. If the guests do not understand the full range of local information, then guests will not like this hotel, holding the view that the hotel does not have the best quality service. Therefore, multimedia information publishing system can play an important role in hotel digital signage.

Multimedia publishing system can display a variety of materials, such as pictures, videos, audios. These resources can also be set accurately.

In recent years, many hotels are using powerful user-friendly DSM80 CMS Software, which has gradually been hotel’s standard equipment. It not only helps to show most dazzling style content to the guests, but also make guests feel the charm of digital information. Usually, hotels have LED, LCD and other display equipment, the display effect is unsatisfactory due to no good display system.

DSM80 Content Management System is professional enough to help you provide digital control services. It can be used to achieve a variety of multimedia information release. Hotel guests standing in front of the display terminal can easily understand the most comprehensive hotel information, local information and external information.