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How Retailers Use Digital Interaction to Attrac Customers


How Retailers Use Digital Interaction to Attract Customers

Research shows that a good point-of-purchase, or POP display, can be key to capturing customer attention and driving greater revenue.Digital POP screens help retailers to inform and delight their customers with highly visual digital interaction.

Betvis just provided customized digital solution for SK-II with ultra wide display, and interactive shelf edge display in Sephora brick and mortar stores, which was opened on June 15, and located in Nanjing East Road, Shanghai. SK-II is a high-end cosmetics and skincare brand originated from Japan. To fit SK-II showcase with fixed dimension, we resized a 4K stretched display and capacitive touch 4K shelf edge display, and adopt 3rd party lift and learn digital interaction as well to attract and engage with more customers.

There are 3 playback mode of the complete system,

  1. Attract—what she sees from a distance
  • The 2 screens play eye-catching content, like “come near, give it a try and start your user experience” in a loop, grabbing more viewers’ attention.
  1. Motion Study and Engage—As she gets close and aware of the product
  • When customer coming nearby, the stereo depth camera embedded at the top of showcase will detect which product among the 5 bottles the customer is looking at. The 2 screen will play targeted program about the bottle, persuading the customer to try it.


  1. Trial—Once she decides to pick up a bottle.
  • When the customer picks up one of the bottle, the screen will be triggered to play related content about the bottle, like how much, how to use, and what users say etc to interact with the customer until she decided to buy one bottle.

With Sephora’s opening on June 15, SK-II sold 1,800 bottle of Miracle Water in the first month, which is ranking the first of sales record of one single product among all Sephora store over the world.

With more Sephora store opened in China, Betvis will continue to provide digital signage solution for SK-II showcase, and let’s expect more…..