How Should Retail Digital Signage Industry Break Bottleneck?

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How Should Retail Digital Signage Industry Break Bottleneck2

In today’s retail industry, advertising digital signage applications are no longer new to people. But the scale of its application is still very limited, and the reason that “the heartbeat is greater than action” is not due to the lack of user’s needs of digital signage. Instead, with the rapid rise of e-commerce, retail stores increasingly need to maintain their position through networking. The reason why advertising digital signage screen is in slow movement in retail industry is that users know little about its actual application value.

With the popularity of the Internet, online shopping has become a distinctive symbol of customers in the new era; while physical stores have become places where customers can experience goods offline. For retailers, if they want sustainable development, they must break the traditional marketing model.

While Betvis retail digital signage solution is an effective solution to solve this problem. Betvis newly developed portable intelligent display terminal is designed for smart retail. The kiosk features elegant appearance and light weight, integrated with user-friendly DSM80 CMS Software, users can release store information, including prices, dynamic new products, discount promotions, main features, etc.

The Portable Vertical advertising kiosk has great advantage in upgrading the store level, attracting store popularity, enhancing the store brand and sales, and it is ideal for various applications, like office building, catering business chain, hotel lobby, health care, beauty salon, shopping mall, to name only a few.