How to Layout Smart Signage in Transportation Junction

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Future transportation junctions, like airports, high-speed railway stations and passenger transportation centers, will requires more intelligence and efficience on information release and navigation instructions, as well as better public services and human environment.

Through the construction of smart signage (landmarks, signs, interactive screens, intellegent navigation and other intellegent systems), transportation hubs will significantly improve in the above-mentioned areas, and achieve comprehensive benefits.



Smart Landmarks

Mostly in airport terminals, waiting halls and other open fields. They display information on transportion, weather and etc., and support advertising, phote sharing and other functions, combined with the art of plastic arts and digital media, to achieve colorful digital effects, with static buildings incomparable dynamic effects, is a long-term vitality of digital artworks.

∆ Airline/railway/bus schedule, real-time weather and more information.

∆ Support on a variety of interactive scenarios.

∆ Valuable on Arts & Humanities (colorful designs).

∆ Intellegent management platform.

Smart Signs

Mostly stretched displays replace traditional signs or light boxes, supporting dynamic instrucions, video/image/weather/map and other multiple kinds of information on displaying.

∆ More information release and projecting.

∆ Support on a variety of interactive scenarios.

∆ Valuable on Arts & Humanities (colorful designs).

∆ Intellegent management platform.

Intellegent Large Screen (passenagers Interactive optional)

Screens in super big sizes display ads, weather and transportation info with the help of delicate UI designs, which support innovative transitional and multiple special visual effects on contents switching.

∆ Innovative display effects.

∆ Collection of information on transportation status, advertising and weather broadcasting.

∆ Multiple extended applications supported.

Smart Navigation Kiosk

Mostly interactive kiosks play such necessary roles. They provides service on information querying and map or routing navigating by interactive touch.

∆ Dynamic navigating effects.

∆ Multiple queryings and navigations optional.

∆ Multiple extended applications supported.

Besides, these signages are equipped with powerful integrated management platform, which is able to access a variety of terminals, amd seamlessly connected to other systems. And, they can monitor the working status of all devices and systems in real time, and schedule content release and management. Meantime, data collecting through face recognition, body sense and other channels can be well applicated and providing managers with Big Data analysis tools.



Along with the rapid development of 5G recently, we should build a modern intelligent transportation system, conforming to the 5G development trend, to build a smart transportation infrastructure network, and enhance the level of transportation intelligence.