How to Make Full Use of Digital Signage Screen

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How to Make Full Use of Digital Signage Screen1

As the scope of applications continues to expand, digital signage has become an integral part of people’s lives. Digital signage applications undoubtedly have a lot of benefits for the development of the enterprise, but not every user can clearly understand how to make best use of it

In today, people have a lot of channels to get information. Why do they have to pay attention to the information displayed by digital signage? Betivs would like to provide you suggestions as below to make full use of your digital signage advertising screen and make it eyecatching:

  1. Fresh content

For efficient application, digital signage content is critical. If the digital signage display repeatedly plays the same content over a long period of time, including videos, pictures, etc., the viewer will be numb and turn a blind eye. To keep the digital signage display contents up-to-date, don’t limit to advertising information only, can also intersperse real-time news, weather forecasts, traffic information, and social media updates to keep the content fresh and attract viewers’ attention.

  1. Pay attention to the beautification of photos

Image is an important part of digital signage content. In order to maximize the attention of the audience, it is best not to choose the original image, but to beautify the photo. Admittedly, some photos don’t need to be entertained or added to the title, but after such processing, it will undoubtedly produce more powerful visual effects.

  1. Choose the right installation location

It is no stranger to most users that the key to the application of digital signage solutions is to push specific information to the right people at the right time. For example, for the student’s information, the screen should be installed in the cafeteria or classroom; for the visitor’s information, the screen is installed in the reception area. In summary, the location of the digital signage display should be chosen based on the content and audience.