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Istanbul Metro Digital Signage, Turkey


Istanbul Metro Digital Signage Solution

In the past few years, Betvis has been in a good cooperation with Istanbul Metro to construct comprehensive information public system for their metro digital signage network. Over 2,000 terminals were installed among Istanbul’s all 5 metro lines. Now, 3000 more will be deployed across Turkey for their emerging city metro lines. Rail transportation is developing at an unprecedented way all across the world, whether in rail length or in train running speed. At the meantime, modern information public methods are flowing into city metro system in a speed people have never seen.

As the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul has over 10 million citizens live in the city. There are 5 metro lines running through the city, with total length over 110 kilometers.

When Istanbul was enlarging its metro system from 2 lines to 5, the local operator had been looking for a complete information public solution for their metro digital signage system. After a long-time search and comprehensive investigation, Betvis proved itself to be the most qualified designer and supplier for the job.

Reliable Solution Design

As the subway is a relatively closed environment, the wireless signal is unstable and the cable signal is easy to be disturbed, the playing image is inclined to be distorted. To guarantee a smooth play effect and stability of the signal, various actions were taken. In order to perfectly adapt to the environment of the subway car, anti-vibration and anti-electromagnetic interference UTP and aviation connectors were used to ensure that the connection and signal stability is good. As to the terminal display screen, original high-quality LCD monitors were used, with additional shock-proof metal housing. All the screens were adaptive to 9V-36V vehicle power requirements, saving the power conversion process. Network topology was used in the deploy of the signal source, covering all the terminals, so as to achieve a high-quality, high-definition screen synchronization display, while at the same time, keep the cost within budget.

Excellent Information Publication

The DSM information release system, which was developed independently by Betvis, was the main body of the software part. Combined with the specific requirements of the project, a module designed specifically for the subway environment was added.  The final result was that all the train terminals will be playing synchronized to broadcast Turkish tourism promotional videos, media advertisements, real-time news and weather forecasts, all in preset schedules. And other information, like subway running tips, will be triggered by manual assignment. As to the media advertising content, a comprehensive statistics report will be generated automatically by DSM, regarding the broadcast time, thereafter providing solid data for metro operator to attract advertising.

Now as more and more cities in Turkey and other Mediterranean countries are looking at upgrading their metro digital signage information public system, Betvis finds itself at this wonderful development opportunity to provide solutions for this emerging trend. Hopefully, it will be our mission to bring better visual to this better world.