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library digital signage

Betvis built a library digital signage solution at Central South University in August. This is one of the dozens of school history halls we have built in China in the past two years. Usually every university in China has a school history hall, usually in the library, to show the glorious history of the school to teachers, students and visitors. The size of such halls is usually small, and in the past, the most common way to display was the photos and captions on the walls, which made it only possible to display very limited content, and it was very difficult to replace the new content.

Since 2017, our smart library digital signage solution has entered the library of dozens of Chinese universities, including Central South University, and received a warm welcome. In June 2019, the university proposed to us to build a smart school history museum, hoping that we can provide some creative design. According to the requirements of the university and the site environment, we designed an overall construction rendering, which was approved by the project decision makers. Quickly, the project was started and completed successfully at the end of August.

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Considering that the school history hall is not large, we did not put too many screens, but designed for the best user experience. This project is mainly composed of 3 parts.

Digital book waterfall
It looks a bit like a real waterfall, except that there are a lot of books on the screen instead of water. The history hall needs to display dozens of university-related books, magazines, newspapers, and yearbooks, which usually require several bookshelves and require regular replacement. The digital book waterfall displays these electronic versions of the resources on the screen and updates them automatically. The covers of dozens of books are slowly falling on the screen like a waterfall, allowing visitors to browse with peace of mind. If a book has caught your interest, you can tap it with your finger, and the QR code pointing to the book’s electronic version will pop up.

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Celebrity wall
The celebrity wall is formed by a few pieces to a dozen LCD screens arranged on the wall. We call it the celebrity wall because it is usually used to show a class of outstanding people. Of course, it can also be used to display a series of major events by year or in a certain order. Each screen can be updated individually, so it can make hundreds of different effects. We added a human body motion sensor effect to the celebrity wall at Central South University, which means that when someone approaches the screen, the content changes. This interactive effect is very popular because the university very much hopes that its students and visitors will be able to notice its glorious history.

Video wall
A video wall was installed on the wall opposite the celebrity wall. It consists of three LCD splicing screens arranged in a row to form a complete picture. This video wall loops through a promotional video and some photos under the control of a Betvis media player. When the hall need to update videos or photos, its staffs can update online through Betvis DSM8 software or simply use a USB flash drive.