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Lift and Learn interactive retail experience 2017 new

Lift and Learn interactive retail experience


Lift a dress or a shoe and see all the relevant information shown on screen right next to it. This might sound gaudy or expensive in the past, but now seems to be the perfect time for retail brand owners to impress and engage their customers with this Lift and Learn interactive retail experience.


The solution with a touchscreen allows customers to get what they want on finger tips. Now they have more than an enthusiastic assistant to help them make buying dicision.


Lift a dress or a shoe to learn the relevant information.

Touch the screen to participate in more interactive experiences.

See how a new dress looks on you without putting it on. (Optional)

Pay on your phone and take your new clothes home right away. (Optional)

How do we make it work?

This lift & learn solution is made possible by implementing a certain type of sensor such as the RFID, to trigger input signals within DSM8 digital signage system.

Dynamic content and custom applications can run within DSM8 to provide more customer experience options.

The antenna of the RFID reader recognizes the RFID tag on the cloth. Each cloth has a unique RFID tag, which tracks to its price and other detailed information.

Case study from our clients


Bosideng Man is using this solution in its flagship stores across major cities in China, earning itself both brand awareness and sales growth.

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