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Mirror LCD Display With Motion Sensor

Function Description

It is a 15.6 inch mirror LCD Display, embedded with motion sensor. It can work in mirror state or display state when no one comes, once the motion sensor detects a person, it starts showing the intended content. This can include personalized messages, advertisements, weather information, or any other type of interactive content.  
It can be installed in various locations, like retail Stores, Hospitality Industry, Fitness Centers and Gyms.

Play Mode 1:

When no one comes, it works like a reflective mirror, when a person approaches, it triggers a targeted advertising.

Play Mode 2:

When no one comes, it play full screen advertising, when a person approaches, the advertising picture shrinked to the corner.

When the person moves away from the mirror, the motion sensor detects the change and return to its reflective mirror state.

500nits High Brightness

Installation Methods

Desktop installation

Wall Mounting

DSM80 Digital Signage Management Software

Remote update Video/Image/Text/Web
Campaign Loop, On-demand playlist by trigger
Web-based, Easy installation
Layout design, Multiple zone
Network options(Cable, Wifi, 4G)
Remote device control

Product Demonstration

Product Specification

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