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Necessity of Touch Function for DOOH Screens 2016 new

Necessity of Touch Function for DOOH Screens


Now many communities and universities have started to use DOOH screens as a reading bar, some with touch function, while some do not; then, under what circumstances outdoor advertising player need touch screen function, and under what circumstances it is not necessary?

DOOH screens for Smart Community: Electronic Reading Bar

Traditional community reading bar, to change the information by changing the poster information, but now, with the popularization of outdoor advertising machine electronic reading bar, we can replace the traditional reading bar through the new electronic reading bar, the new type of outdoor LCD advertising machine electronic reading system with computer and mobile function.

To be able to change news ads and community information anytime, in the background of a key release, and, with touch function of the outdoor advertising machine electronic reading bar is particularly important at this time, because the residents of the community can touch the function to display different information.

DOOH Screens for Smart Transportation: Bus Station Digital Signage

In the position, like the outdoor advertising bus station, you can choose DOOH screens without touch function, because the information of the bus station is fixed, or, only for advertising broadcast use, and do not need to check the relevant information and so on.

If you want to buy a touch-enabled outdoor advertising machine, you have to make it clear that your target group is in need of the interaction, any purchase point or point of sale outdoor LCD advertising machine should have a lot of \”start\” buttons to display a variety of promotional video.

With the development of technology, outdoor advertising machine has been widely used in various fields. Featured high brightness, attractive appearance, remote control, targeted audience and easy operation, outdoor network advertising player can provide a lot of unique marketing and advertising opportunities. Compared with the traditional printing advertising, it has many obvious advantages, such as interactive function, eye-catching public information and commercial value.