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Netherlands Faco Pharmacy 1100+ new media players

Faco Pharmacy is a franchised store brand of cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals in Netherlands. Powered by Betvis’s DSM digital signage media system, it has seen significant growth on sales in the past few years.

Once upon a time when not even a single media screen was installed, Faco pharmacy stores are filled with paper labels and posters sticking around in chaos. Neither its own staff nor customers cared enough to take a serious look at those shabby signs. When a new campaign needed to be conduct, all employees were mobilized to remove the old signs and glue paste the new ones. Media companies often hesitated to deliver ads because the unclear return over investment.

Everything got better when pharmacy digital signage got installed across Faco franchised stores. The most obvious advantage is the increasing frequency of the advertising update. Media company now like to frequently update the advertising content because it is such an easy job to do and will open up more available time periods for new clients and advertisements. Customers also love the increasing frequency of the content for it bringing up more useful promotions and information. Pharmacy staff feels good as well because the new digital signs don’t requirement much maintenance or removing. The new technology gives them more opportunities to communicate with their customers and to sell with more confidence.

The new media screens also help to sell more cosmetics and personal-care supplies, especially for those installed near the cash desk. Customers are constantly reminded of those products they might need or want to have to try, when they are waiting in a long line, wondering what they have forgot to buy.