New Product release – Ultra Slim Double Side Screen 2017

The Ultra Slim Double Side Screen was released last week, the dual screen is 2cm only in thickness, which is innovative and ground breaking. The dual screen is wrapped in a clear transparent glass, with a slim body and light weight, greatly enhance the environmental sense of technology and fashion.

The success of the new product lies in below 4 points,

1. With the extreme limitation of 2cm in thickness, the researchers have to overcome the difficulties in combining the two screens key components into one, suck as the Led-backlighting, heat dissipation, driving board, power supply and signal output etc. With 2 years testing and market application, the solution is stable and reliable.

2. Flexible in Format and Installation
The dual screen can be installed both horizontally and vertically as a ceiling mounted type, also it can be used as a dual screen kiosk with a customize floor standing cabinet.

3. Available for different scenario
Adapt to various occasions with custom-made LOGO, silk screen, and flexible frame, either glass or metal.

4. Split Design
The panel and the key electrical component are separated, which make the dual screen display as slim as possible, as well as make it easier for maintenance and upgrade. With prepared screw holes, the screen support x86 mother board and android Arm board, providing different system or upgrading according to client’s actual demand.